19 Jul 2012

The Sartorial Collection by J Reason

Olajide is the brain behind the brand J Reason from Nigeria. The 22 year old make-up artist turned designer who launched his label 9 months ago with his first men’s line, has released the brand’s second collection for men “Sartorial Summer”.

Olajide said “It’s all about tailored clothes. They usually describe men that are well together as sartorial and that is what we are trying to achieve with this summer collection – sartorial perfection to show that even during summer you can still be fashionable and classy”.

The collection features very playful and formal pieces. The collection will surely take you from day to night during the summer holiday. With pieces like the tanks and short shorts, which are definitely beach hits. Not to forget the formal looks, with the floral pattern ensembles

View the Collection


Shoot credits:
Styling & design: Olajide Adedeji for J Reason
Model : Noble @ Sleek models
Photographer : Obi Somto



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  1. Skinny Hipster
    5 years ago

    LOVE these photos!! The blue/white floral on floral suit and the blue blazer with the matching pants are my fav


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