07 Jun 2015

Style Profile: Tina Leung

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’re all well and lovely. This Week’s Style Profile: Tina Leung!

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Being raised between both Hong Kong and Los Angeles, Tina Leung knows a thing or two about global trends and different ways fashion around us is starting to change. Leung studied for a year at Bates College in Maine, before switching up and ultimately deciding choosing to go to Bristol University to major in drama. After graduating, Leung decided to go to the Fashion Institute of Technology to study styling. Talk about a lengthy scholarly career!

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Returning to Hong Kong in 2005, Leung started to do runway styling, writing articles, and even styling Hong Kong celebrities. Leung has even collaborated with brands such as Valentino, and Georg Jensen! Her work with other various platforms such as L’Uomo Vogue, Tiffany & Co., etc has led her to tour the world and gain a better idea of how fashion can lead us to various places in life. Tina Leung also started her own blog through her personal experiences, titled Tina Loves.

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Leung’s style is very tomboyish, but the next day she is switched up into a very girly look. A chameleon of fashion, anything looks amazing on Leung, making anyone a bit jealous of her amazing style!

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We just simply adore Tina Leung, and we wish she will hit up the streets frequently this upcoming Fashion Week!

Follow Tina Leung at:

Instagram & Twitter – @TinaLeung

Photo Credit: citizencouture.com, harpersbazaar.com.hk, skandichic.pl, fwstreetstyle.com, Tommy Ton, isnapumagazine.blogspot.com, theurbanspotter.com, streetfsn.blogspot.ca, modehunter.co.uk

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