05 Oct 2014

Style Profile: Oksana On

Happy First Sunday of October everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying the Autumn weather! This week’s Style Profile: Oksana On!

Oksana On

With a romanticism that no other can beat for their looks, Oksana On is definitely a Street Style icon. Hailing from Russia, Oksana On is amongst those who are in the Russian fashion revolution and taking the streets of Fashion Week over one step at a time! Being Senior Editor for Glamour Russia, Oksana On has a fiery and romantic eye for fashion, and it can be seen in her red hot ensembles!

Style Profile Oksana On 4

Style Profile Oksana On 1

As well, the lovely Oksana On has an amazing following on Instagram! Being featured on sites like Complex and New York Magazine, she is applauded for her amazing style and the following she has garnished, showing that the Russians are truly taking over the fashion world.

Style Profile Oksana On 5

Style Profile Oksana On 6

Oksana On has this very passionate, and romantic but chic look about her, and her looks follow accordingly. With many of her ensembles involving the color red, she always looks amazing and beautiful, leaving no flaws about her look.

Style Profile Oksana On 9

Style Profile Oksana On 7

Style Profile Oksana On 2

With her amazing outfits and great sense, Oksana On will definitely make an impact on the fashion industry in the near future, and we will sit on the edges of our seats in anticipation!

Style Profile Oksana On 8

Style Profile Oksana On 10

Photo Credit: Phil Oh, Nabile Quenum (J’ai Perdu Ma Veste), Shimpei Mito (Mitograph)

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