28 Jun 2015

Style Profile: Jerry Lorenzo

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you are having great ones so far. This week’s Style Profile: Jerry Lorenzo!

Style Profile Jerry Lorenzo 5

Even though Jerry Lorenzo went to school and even graduate school, he did not get his degrees in fashion design! Lorenzo got into fashion because he had a big interest in it and thus started to get fabrics and working on various pieces and other things that had make his collection come alive. His brand named Fear of God came by way of a conversation with his parents about God. Lorenzo talked to Milk Made, and said “I wanted to do something that also left you with a greater purpose or inspired you some other way besides clothes. I was reading this devotion with my parents and we were talking about how clouds and darkness were around God’s kingdom, and it wasn’t in a way of him being a dark God, but just understanding the depths of his kingdom—there are layers to him beyond our understanding. I wanted to do something to communicate this dark side in a cool way, and inspire people about what I felt was my truth. It was a combination of that dark message and me believing in myself and my aesthetic… then I started putting pieces together, and risking my savings and my family on trying to start this brand.”

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Style Profile Jerry Lorenzo 2

With that being said, the success of Lorenzo’s brand has really taken off and has blossomed into a very successful one at that. With working with people such as Kanye West, and people like Justin Bieber, Gilda Ambrosio, and many more have worn his pieces! Talk about a diverse fan base right? As well, it has major street cred in the street style scene as well.

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Lorenzo’s style is very urban yet, has a great and chic sense to it. It’s high-end meets street, which is a unique mixture that works pretty well together. His style is one that is very popular amongst youth lately and of course; he rocks this style the best.

Style Profile Jerry Lorenzo 4

Photo Credit: trendbutter.com, complex.com, hypebeast.com, jerrylorenzo.com, dynt-intl.com

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