25 May 2014

Style Profile: Anna Dello Russo

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you are having a fantastic one. This week’s Style Profile: Anna Dello Russo!

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Being from the city of Bari, Italy; Anna Dello Russo has brought her chic and unique Italian style to everything she does, and continues to do that, whether it’s in her work, or even in her style, she always wows everyone! Having gone to the University of Bari and gained a M.A. degree in Italian Literature and Art History, Russo has honed those skills and have brought them to the plate for her amazing career.

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As she spent 18 years at Condé Nast Italia, Russo has had various titles and positions throughout the years. One of which was becoming fashion editor for Vogue Italia. As well, she was an editor for L’Uomo Vogue from 2000-2006! Now Editor-In Chief of Vogue Japan, Anna Dello Russo has taken on a bigger role and most importantly, she has taken on the world.


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Anna Dello Russo is no stranger to mini dresses, as she always wears the most embellished and most shortest and revealing dresses you can imagine! the dresses give off this extravagant and luxurious look, which fit any Italian Fashionista! The looks also have this very couture look about them, making her always look chic.

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Also no stranger to black and sunglasses, Russo always rocks the neutrals and basic colors in anyone’s wardrobe, she just takes it up a notch! Giving it her own spin and look about it. Russo always makes a look her own, and one can’t help but to think how she makes even neutrals and dark colors look good!

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Anna Dello Russo and her fabulous wardrobe shows us her creativity bone and her thought process when putting outfits together. As well, her amazing creative direction is paving the way for young Italian girls and international girls alike, with her innovative way of thinking and unique approach to every thing she does. Anna Dello Russo deserves to have a Style Profile; because she is truly a style icon.

You can find Anna Dello Russo at:

Instagram – @anna_dello_russo

Twitter – @annadellorusso

Website – www.annadellorusso.com

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