10 Jun 2015

Stella McCartney Resort 2016

Minimalistic looks are the verdict as Stella McCartney Resort 2016 shows us how it’s done!

Stella McCartney Resort 2016 1

Yesterday, the designer held a presentation for her new resort line and it was everything we would imagine in one; flowing fabrics, light colors, and various amounts of patterns and textures that would be great to mix and match. The designer hit it on the bullseye with the plunging necklines, boxy shirts, and cut out skirts that gave a bit of a fun and dynamic look to the whole collection! As well, the very huge bows and drapes of fabric give more of a feminine, and high fashion look to the pieces.

Stella McCartney Resort 2016 2

Stella McCartney Resort 2016 3

As well, the embellishments of floral patterns gave the collection another cute and whimsical feel about it. The striped bomber jacket was a true testament to that, and looked beyond fantastic. As well, summer knits are in and look amazing as well! We as well, can’t forget about the amazing simple flats.

Stella McCartney Resort 2016 4

Stella McCartney Resort 2016 5

Can we also talk about the chic and bohemian looks as well? The dresses are what make this all work, and makes you just want to run around in the summer weather. As well the prints are fantastically fantastic as well, and make for a unique line-up of looks.

Stella McCartney Resort 2016 6

As well, we can’t forget about these amazing flowing dresses as well! These are the ultimate summer dresses, and are even perfect for a summer vacation getaway or a summer wedding for that matter!

Photo Source: Style.com

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