16 Jul 2012

Piers Atkinson For ASOS

Good morning people. Happy Monday. Hope everyone weekend was great. Here at Let’s ReStycle, our goal is to bring you accessories that will wow your outfits without breaking the bank or destroying the planet. Our first steal is for the ladies. Are you a fan of bold statement headwear? Well we found it for you. Look no further; visit ASOS for Piers Atkinson headwear. The designer Piers Atkinson is known for his work as a fashion editor, costume designer, illustrator, and for his millinery talents. The likes of everyone from Rihanna to Anna Dello Russo have worn his pieces. Great steal to spice up your outfits. All under $60

Anna Dello Russo in Piers Atkinson Headwear

You might remember some of his work from Rihanna’s “S&M” video including her cherry headband

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