11 May 2015

House of Holland to Launch First Menswear Line at LCM

With House of Holland being a recognized and well-known name these days, House of Holland will Launch their First Menswear Line at LCM!

House of Holland to Launch First Menswear Line at LCM 1

Debuting in 2008, Henry Holland got his footing at Lulu Kennedy’s Fashion East and has been making waves in the industry ever since. From Gillian Jacobs to Katy Perry. With the help from the BFC Fashion Trust, Holland is up and ready to step out of the womenswear realm and take on a new challenge of menswear!

In an interview with Vogue, Holland said

“I think the timing is right for us as a company, also the menswear market is growing at such an incredible pace it feels right. Plus it’s about time I got some free clothes,” Holland continued. “The idea behind the launch of the menswear is really an additional line and a focus to a male customer. The womenswear collection will continue to show four lines a year as before. We have taken on two more people to deal with the extra collections but we are still a very small focused team.”

With a strong team behind him, the House of Holland menswear line will be playful, exciting, and have a punch to it all. Expect to have lots of fun with this collection, as it will take many liberties with it!

Photo Source: Vogue.com

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