29 Sep 2014

Givenchy for PFW S/S 2014

It looks like this season, the inner goth princess was unleashed with the Givenchy for PFW S/S 2014 show!

Givenchy for PFW SS 2014 1

With mixes of leather, lace, and tie up fronts the meaning of goth princess has been taking to a whole new level! The mix of blacks and whites at the start of the show gave off this amazing, yet chic vibe. With Tulle skirts and lace ups tops and bottoms. Finishing off most of these looks with leather, giving off a rebel look, incomparable and unique from other shows.

Givenchy for PFW SS 2014 2

Givenchy for PFW SS 2014 3

As well, patterns such as stripes made a cameo, with also hues of brown as well. Even so, the bustiers and high kneed boots kept it bad girl-esque and kept the rebel yell that we are growing to love lately!

Givenchy for PFW SS 2014 4

Givenchy for PFW SS 2014 5

As well, it seemed as though the runway has gained a gladiator type of look, showing the various looks and styles Givenchy had to work with this season! The vest are also what made the looks put together as well, contrasting with the neck plunge dresses and tops.

Givenchy for PFW SS 2014 6

Givenchy for PFW SS 2014 7

The looks ended strong, with goth punk and patterned looks, causing a dramatic but frilly and stylish collection.

Photo Credit: Style.com

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