29 Jun 2015

Etro for Men’s MFW S/S 16

Patterns are everywhere with the Etro for Men’s MFW S/S 16 show!

Etro for Men's MFW SS 16 0

As always, Etro’s collections are filled with patterns, different textures, and looks that have such a warm presence that makes you want to buy nearly every piece from the collection. Starting off with paisley overcoats, the collection started off very smooth and soft with the warm colors that were showcased in the collection. As well, the use of peach pink was broadly used in the collection, was such a surprisingly amazing color that looks great on masculine builds. Who says that colors can’t be genderless? Etro definitely proved that they can, despite gender norms in our society. As well, diamond printed patterns were used on the garments also, giving for a subtle look on the pieces that were showcased.

Etro for Men's MFW SS 16 1

Etro for Men's MFW SS 16 2

Etro for Men's MFW SS 16 3

The whole theme it seems with this collection, was to use light and dark colors to blend looks that were seamlessly flawless and in tune with one another. With the uses of chocolate browns and caramel colors, the collection was just as dynamic as the patterns and fabrics! The suits and the overcoats has had to be the most noticeable pieces from the collection, and the most awesome as well!

Etro for Men's MFW SS 16 4

Etro for Men's MFW SS 16 5

Etro for Men's MFW SS 16 6

As well, suede and even silk were used in this collection, which made some awesome and jaw dropping pieces come together. The least likeliness that they would look great together is what made it even better. Never underestimate the power of style!

Etro for Men's MFW SS 16 7

Etro for Men's MFW SS 16 8

Photo Credit: Marcus Tondo (indigitalimages.com)

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