15 Jun 2015

Coach for LCM S/S 2016

 London Collections: Men is underway, and it is looking amazing, starting with Coach for LCM S/S 2016!Coach for LCM SS 2016 1It seems as though, that Coach is trying to think outside of the box and experiment with just about everything! The funky look that Coach is incorporating in their collection is a stoner gone street style star’s dream. It’s a right amount of hypnotic dreams mixed with a strong sense of smart looks. The two just combine so well and the tailored looks just heighten that as well.

Coach for LCM SS 2016 2

Coach for LCM SS 2016 3

As well, animal prints were also, incorporated into the collection this season as well! from tigers to cheetahs, Coach has you covered and will make your spirit animal come alive next year. The mixed elements such as print and leather really made the pieces unique and have their own flavors to it as well.

Coach for LCM SS 2016 4

Coach for LCM SS 2016 5

Coach for LCM SS 2016 6

The use of overcoats and bags were huge on the runway at Coach. One’s undying love for prints, as well did not go unseen. The leather coats with extreme hardware also, has us in love too.

Photo Credit: Coach (Style.com)

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