13 May 2015

Christian Dior Resort 2016

Full of gingham and beautiful prints, the Christian Dior Resort 2016 show will take you out of this world!

Christian Dior Resort 2016 cover

Set in the South of France, this insane bubble house owned by Pierre Cardin, was the backdrop of the wonderful show. The scenery seemed to have a very futuristic feel about it, and gave to the looks, suggesting that the future is what we will look forward to.

When asked about the location of the show from Vogue.com, Raf Simons said “I like to go into a real space. This one is unique in its extremity, I think. It’s not a sort of mastodon of modernist architecture, but an intimate, feminine, extremely private place.” With that being said, the collection was very feminine and gave that vibe throughout the whole entire collection.

Christian Dior Resort 2016 1

Christian Dior Resort 2016 2

From plaid to stripes, the whole collection was a fountain of patterns and cuts of pieces. The unique jackets with huge peter pan collars and a peplum waste were exciting, whilst the a-line cute baby doll dresses were just as cute! As well, the patterns were very rich in design, calling for the appreciation of pattern making.

Christian Dior Resort 2016 3

Christian Dior Resort 2016 4

Even if the bold and fun prints were great, the basics were also fantastic, as well and added substance to the very loud prints that were on the runway. What also muted out the looks, were the use of black shoes in each look.

Christian Dior Resort 2016 5

Christian Dior Resort 2016 6\Christian Dior Resort 2016 7

As well, peplum pants and short playsuits were most definitely a thing on this runway! The peplum pants are perfect for any way professional woman during the hot heat of summer, whilst the playsuits are just perfect and golden for festivals. Definitely a fun and fantastic show.

Photo Credit: Gianni Pucci / indigitalimages.com

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