28 Jun 2015

Style Profile: Jerry Lorenzo

Style Profile Jerry Lorenzo 1

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you are having great ones so far. This week’s Style Profile: Jerry Lorenzo! Even though Jerry Lorenzo went to school and even graduate school, he did not get his degrees in fashion design! Lorenzo got into fashion because he had a big interest in it and thus started to get […]

21 Jun 2015

Style Profile: Jenna Lyons

Style Profile Jenna Lyons 7

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you all will have a great Father’s Day! This week’s Style Profile: Jenna Lyons! Born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in Palo Verdes, California; Jenna Lyons had a tough childhood and was bullied constantly for many of her health problems. Though, with those feelings of being shunned, Lyons turned to fashion […]

14 Jun 2015

Style Profile: Swann and Loïc Joachim

Style Profile- Swann and Loïc Joachim 1

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you’re all having a fantastic one. This Week’s Style Profile: Swann and Loïc Joachim! There’s not much known about these brothers, but that did not stop them from becoming international street style icons in the process, either! Starting Les Freres Joachim, the brothers used the website as an outlet to show […]

07 Jun 2015

Style Profile: Tina Leung

Style Profile Tina Leung 8

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’re all well and lovely. This Week’s Style Profile: Tina Leung! Being raised between both Hong Kong and Los Angeles, Tina Leung knows a thing or two about global trends and different ways fashion around us is starting to change. Leung studied for a year at Bates College in Maine, […]

17 May 2015

Style Profile: Lino Ieluzzi


 Happy Sunday everyone! I hope it’s fantastic. This Week’s Style Profile: Lino Ieluzzi! Owner of a famous Milanese boutique, Ieluzzi has been in the game of fashion for decades and has contributed in various ways that make him the icon of Italian menswear that he is. Buying a jeans store in 1969, Ieluzzi turned it […]

03 May 2015

Style Profile: Clara Racz


Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’re all having a very stellar weekend. This week’s Style Profile: Clara Racz! Though much is not known about the fashionista, her impeccable taste does not go unnoticed! Clara Racz is a boutique owner and as well, seems to used to be a model also. Her overwhelming beauty makes sense now! […]

26 Apr 2015

Style Profile: Yasuto Kamoshita

Style Profile Yasuto Kamoshita 2

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you enjoy your day. This week’s Style Profile: Yasuto Kamoshita! Being born in 1958 in Tokyo, Japan; Kamoshita already to show love from the American Ivy Style. Kamoshita went to Tama Art University and then worked for Beams. Eventually in 1989, Kamoshita then went on to become one of the […]

19 Apr 2015

Style Profile: Linda Tol

Style Profile Linda Tol 1

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all continue to soak up this great weather. This week’s Style Profile: Linda Tol! Starting with PR in 2008; Amsterdam native Linda Tol then became a fashion stylist and buyer and that’s where her journey started to unfold. Becoming a Dutch streetstyle icon; Tol was starting to become featured […]

12 Apr 2015

Style Profile: Isaac Larose

Style Profile Isaac Larose 2

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope your day is filled with joy. This week’s Style Profile: Isaac Larose! Hailing from Quebec, Isaac Larose is the founder and designer for the hat brand Larose Paris, which has a beautiful line of hats and caps. Being on it’s most recent sixth season; Larose Paris is still very young, […]

29 Mar 2015

Style Profile: Simone Marchetti

Style Profile Simone Marchetti 8

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you have had a fantastic one. This week’s Style Profile: Simone Marchetti! Studying Aesthetics in Milan for a period of time and living there; Marchetti has always been a consumer of the arts. Whether it’s contemporary art, music, poetry, and even theater! Marchetti has always had this grasp on the […]

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