19 Jun 2015

Burberry for LCM S/S 16

It seems as though feminine fabrics are not just for the girls anymore, as Burberry for LCM S/S 16 shows that feminine looks look just as amazing on men!

Burberry for LCM SS 16 cover

The whole collection seemed to fuse a sense of feminine traits, but with a strong masculine feel to it. This time, Burberry did just that and produced a very great collection with patent leather bags to lace shirts that look just as great on men, as it does on women! The collection started out with strong and dark bold trenches, suits, and bags. The twist, of course were the lace shirts the men had on. The shirts had brought on a bit of lightness and casualness to the looks, which gave a much softer image to the very strong looks.

Burberry for LCM SS 16 1

Burberry for LCM SS 16 2

As well, cotton sweat pant trousers and quilted jackets made their way onto the runway, as well! The sweatpants also made the looks very casual, but more put together than your average lazy day sweat pant combo! The sense of styling in the collection is just beyond amazing, and mixed things you would not naturally mix together in such a dapper look. It has this own feel about it, and took on many liberties.

Burberry for LCM SS 16 3

Burberry for LCM SS 16 4

Burberry for LCM SS 16 5

We also have to talk about this quilted puff motorcycle jacket that is just a masterpiece. Who knew that all of these elements could fit so perfectly together? As well, in this collection low neck tees and other colored lace shirts were used on the runway. Adding on the scarves, the looks became a bit feminine for the more masculine looks. There was also the knock out camel coat with a lace collar that was fantastically  gorgeous. It had to be one of the favorites in this season.

Burberry for LCM SS 16 6

Burberry for LCM SS 16 7

All of the jackets were gorgeous, and we can’t help but to point out the amazing lace rain coat near the end of the collection. I mean, who had the idea to make this unique and fantastic lace coat?? It has to be one of my favorites in this collection. It has a voice of its own, and is just beyond gorgeous.

Photo Credit: Style.com

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