07 Mar 2015

Book A Snow Removable Service From Your Phone

Happy Saturday. Hope you all had a great week. If you are in the East coast, you were mostly likely snowed in during the week. This winter has been filled with snow days. 

This year, give in to the pleasures of technology by downloading Plowz, a new app that lets you book and pay for a snowplow with just a few taps.

Book A Snow Removable Service From Your Phone

Get started by setting up a profile and inputting your payment information. Then, the next time Mother Nature goes ape sh*t on your neighborhood, simply open the app and request a plow. Once a willing plowman is located, you will receive a quote and can book directly. By the end of the day (but usually within a few hours), your snow will be gone, your credit card charged and a photo of your clear driveway sent to your phone (you know, just in case you’re playing snowbird in Miami). 

Prices vary greatly based on driveway length and location (Plowz is currently in 34 U.S. cities), but are typically comparable to the Mr. Plow you might call from the yellow pages–generally in the $25 to $50 range.

Have a great weekend


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