03 Oct 2014

Alexander Wang x H&M Campaign

With Fall collections dropping this season, it looks like the Alexander Wang x H&M Campaign will have you on your toes!

Wang 5

It looks like this season with Alexander Wang x H&M, they will take on a sporty collection with sweatshirts, boxy coats, and sports goggles, one of a kind for Alexander Wang! From compression shorts to puffy jackets, it seems as though Wang had the inner athlete at heart in mind. Maybe it’s going to be the gateway for fashionistas who weren’t gifted in sports!

Wang 4

Wang 6

Most importantly, the new collection is refreshing and speaks for itself. It is nothing like any of the previous collections with H&M, and many fashion lovers are applauding both Wang and H&M because of that! The hues of black, grey, and white will certainly get the inner minimalist swooning as well! The collection is beyond delightful to see and many are biting on their nails to get these pieces as soon as possible!

Wang 7

The collection will be available November 6th!

Photo Source: WWD

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