19 Jun 2014

2014 Muchmusic Video Awards Recap

Music award shows aren’t just for honoring our favorite artist anymore, they’re for showing off the great outfits our artist have put together!

Here are the top 10 looks from the Muchmusic Video Awards (MMVA’s):

2014 Muchmusic Video Awards Recap

Left: Kendall Jenner, Right: Kylie Jenner

Kendall Jenner has taking a liking to the fashion spotlight and makes her statement with this pelvic-high slit dress, designed by Fausto Puglisi. The embellishments and the side thighs showing definitely make this a head turning dress.

Kylie Jenner traded in her blue ombre streaks for simple jet black hair, and an beaded orange cocktail dress, designed by Nicholas Jebran. We are loving the look Kylie!

2014 Muchmusic Video Awards Recap

Left: Ariana Grande, Right: Shenae Grimes

Ariana Grande lit up the stage with her performance and her silver shingle mini skirt and matching top. She dazzled us with the singing and outfit choice.

Shenae Grimes steppes out in creepers! Not the typical red carpet wear, but she rocks her printed blazer, leather pants and clutch so well!

2014 Muchmusic Video Awards Recap

Left: Kellan Lutz, Right: Colton Haynes

Dressed in plum, Kellan Lutz takes the spot as the number one best dressed male. Not many can rock this color and look dapper, and he surely wins.

Colton Haynes impresses us in his double-breasted mens jacket and brown and white tuxedo shoes. He adds a minty green button up for a pop of color — and a great summer color choice.

2014 Muchmusic Video Awards Recap

Left: Teri Hart, Right: Chloe Wild

Teri Hart gives us a fabulous pose in a gold sequin mini dress and royal blue pumps for color. Armed with a stack of bangles on her wrist, Teri looks good.

Chloe Wild also rocks gold in a snakeskin print dress with a train following not too far behind. A mesh cutout at the top and match shoes gives Chloe a different, yet fashionable look.

2014 Muchmusic Video Awards Recap

Left: Chloe Grace Mortez, Right: Liz Trinnear

Chloe Grace Mortez opeted for this black and nude lace mini dress by Marios Schwab. She looks very age appropriate, and that is the best way to go.  The flower collar adds a cute touch, you might say.

Liz strutted a two piece emerald green top and skirt, and the cutest arm cuff as her accessory. She’s on the rise as a new TV host and producer for Muchmusic, so watch out world for Liz to be an upcoming name in the media.



Photos by: Hollywoodlife.com

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